Fungal infections

Fungal infections can affect virtually any part of the body for eg. skin, hair, nails , oral cavity, genital area , body organs etc. Hot and humid climates, Diabetes, poor immunity , malnourishment, prolonged use of antibiotics are some of the factors which are responsible for these fungal infections. Prompt medical treatment helps to cure these infections completely.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infections of the skin like folliculitis , cellulitis , skin abscess , etc can range in presentation from a localized lesion to widespread involvement and can be life threatening rarely as well. Prompt management with antibiotics helps in curing the infections effectively.

Viral infections

Molluscumcontagiosum, warts ,herpes simples, herpes zoster, chicken pox are few of the viral infections which commonly present to the dermatologist . The treatment for these conditions is fairly simple and easy and should be initiated early inthe course of the infection.

Eczema is a very common skin problem where in there is presence of itchy, red skin eruptions .long standing lesions can develop thick , dry skin altering the normal texture of skin. Contact allergies to various chemicals, medicines, metals , foods, bacterial infections etc play an important role in the causation of various eczemas. With a thorough history and clinical examination, treatment is provided for the relief of symptoms which is governed by the clinical picture and body part involved.

Atopic dermatitis
It is a recurrent skin condition which starts in early life and presents with reddned, itchy skin lesions and dry skin. This condition generally improves with age .Some people may have asthma , running nose and other allergic symptoms concomitantly. The disease can be kept under controlwith regular use of moisturisers and specific treatment.


It is an autoimmune skin condition where in reddish, scaly patches which are sometimes itchy develop on the body and/or scalp. It is a relapsing condition with flare ups in winter. The main aim of the therapy is to keep the symptoms at bay with the various oral and topical treatment options .


This is a fairly common skin problem wherein patients develop raised , reddish swellings on the skin which are highly itchy and subsides after a couple of hours. Some people experience swelling around their eyes, on the lips as well. This medical condition can be managed fairly well with antihistamines.

Corn / skin tags
Corn is a circumscribed area of thickened, dead skin occurring as a result of repeated friction, pressure, rubbing etc. Corns can occur on the solesand less commonly on the palms. They are extremely painful and can be safely removed with enucleation or cauterisation. Skin tags are soft , skin coloured growths that occur in areas like neck, underarms, groin etc. They can be removed very easily in a couple of minutes with the help of radiocautery.


The skin in the body folds and creases(neck, armpits, knuckles, groin) becomes thick, dark, velvety which is often misunderstood by most of the people as dirt. It is commonly seen in people who are overweight, diabetic or prediabetic ,have thyroid dysfunction etc. It can be easily treated with the lifestyle modification ,medical management and chemical peels.

Keloids / Hypertrophic scars

These are raised lesions that commonly develop after any injury to the skin, following piercings, sutures etc. Itching, burning and pain are commonly associated. Intralesional injections provide considerable improvement for these disorders.

Xanthelasma Palpebrarum

It usually presents with soft , velvety , yellowish raised lesions on the eyelids. Raised levels of lipids in the blood may be a contributing factor for the same. Removal is done by cautery or laser.

Nail disorders

Various nail disorders like fungal or bacterial infection of the nails , ingrown toe nails , briitle nails etc are careful observed , diagnosed and treated by our dermatologists.

Venereal diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases comprise a broad spectrum of infections like genital warts , genital herpes, HIV/AIDS, Syphilis , gonorrhea , vaginal discharge ,etc to name a few. The symptoms may vary from pain, swelling , discharge , growth , rash , ulcer on the genitals. So if you think you have a STI , you should get it checked and treated by a dermatologists so that you don’t transmit the infection to others.