The most useful treatment for your hair loss problem – 

PRP Treatment Delhi

PRP treatment is one of the latest treatment for hair loss and is effective for both men and women. Though PRP treatment is not a substitute for hair transplant, the treatment is highly effective in treating hair thinning and early stages of baldness depending on the goal of the patient. We combine PRP treatment along with other treatments to give the best results.

Using the bodys own healing power

The science behind PRP treatment is the healing function and growth factors possessed by platelets. Platelets play a crucial role in wound healing and stimulate tissue growth. This property is used to provide hair on the scalp with all necessary growth factors to reverse the thinning process and improve hair quality.

Improved Growth Factors

The best part of the treatment is that your own cells from your blood are being processed and injected back in to the scalp. Through the process of centrifugation, we separate the platelets and increase the concentration of growth factors 4 to 9 times. The growth factors give strength to the existing hair, reduce hair fall and promote new hair growth by stimulating the stem cells.