Laser skin tightening treatment is a unique facial skin rejuvenation treatment which helps to drastically improve the appearance of your skin by tightening loose skin. Loose skin and Wrinkles treatment can be done using laser skin tightening, making your skin smooth and thereby reducing signs of aging. Using an infrared light source, the laser skin tightening treatment is a minimal invasive non-surgical process. It helps to tighten your skin by using heating under the collagen of the skin to tighten it. After the treatments, the results of tightened skin are immediately noticeable and it requires no down time at all. The skin tightening is a FDA approved treatment for reducing wrinkles, fine lines and also for treating sagging skin. One of the benefits of skin tightening treatment is that it can improve the overall appearance and quality of the skin in the safest way possible. Eye Protection is worn during the treatment and a cold air blower is used on the skin to improve patient safety and comfort. The skin tightening treatment encourages the production of new collagen in the treated area. It also promotes the absorption of collagen by the skin from other areas as well. When the regeneration of collagen begins, the patients begin to notice smoother and improved skin texture.